Assraping a Nun

I have something special for you.

This thing started out as something of a joke, about how some bands can get away with the most inane and infantile track and album titles. I said "I'm gonna make a track called Assraping a Nun". Before I knew people said they wanted to do their own versions. And that's what happened.
I did a gonzo track in about four hours, and all these people sat down and did their own gonzo remixes. It was all fast, "unedited" and very spontaneous. In less than a week we had an album of sorts.

I give to you both the original track, and eight (!) remixes by fantastically talented people. I am humbled.

Massive thanks to Larry Kerr, Batcheeba, Frostwinter, Epilektrician and P. Emerson Williams for contributing these mixes. (Mr. Williams went ahead and made three of them even...)

1 Original track
2 Hive Mind Drones : Postmortem Felching Mix
3 Kultur Terror : Ratzinger Radio Edit - Christi in Absentia
4 Sweetmeat : I spit on your grave mix
5 Batcheeba : Raped by no one
6 Larry Kerr : Remix
7 Epilektrician : ... on a bed of nails will cause ligament damage
8 Frostwinter : Cold Distance Mix
9 Grave Knave : Ghost of mercy mix

Enjoy the tracks, and spread them far and wide.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bjpdlq7tojlff11/Assraping%20a%20Nun%20by%20Gird_09%20and%20Friends.rar


Cthulberg said...

Awesome, awesome and a half, more awesome than awesome and a half =)

Thule said...

You're even awesomer!